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RiteWingRC is dedicated to bringing you the most exhilaration that the RC Aircraft hobby has to offer. Chris Klick, the founder of RiteWingRC has been obsessed with this hobby since his first involvement in it. In his continuing quest to build the fastest and most durable wings, he has lost count of how many wings he has actually built. With every wing he builds, he keeps trying to perfect the process and find new ways to make the aircraft lighter, stronger, and faster. He continues to test new materials, products, and processes to make the best product possible for you, our customers.  He will never sell you a wing that he wouldn't own himself! 

Have a look in the photos if your thinking of ARF's or RTF's, CK does a full line of hand builds, all builds are top notch you have to see these wings first hand to apretiate the amount of work that goes into each and every one of them